, find the best price for your entire Bill of Materials


What is all this bomfire stuff?

Bomfire is a website to help you select and shop for your engineering materials quickly. We want to help you minimize the time you spend playing 'what-if' in spreadsheets.

The procedure is simple:

  1. Search for the stuff you want or import from a spreadsheet.
  2. Shop around different distributors sorted by usefulness.

To get a better idea you should checkout the tour below.

Search for the part number of a component you are looking for or enter the type of part you are looking for.

Search examples

  • PIC12F675-I/SN If you know a part number search for it directly
  • resistor 10kohm >50mW 0603 5% uses a special search algorithm to help automate the context of many specifications. This example is interpreted by the search engine as a resistor of 10 kohm that can handle at least 50mW in an 0603 package with a 5% tolerance.

You have four different ways to explore the parts: summary, details, compare and thumbnails. Depending on the type of item you are looking for you may change your view as you see fit.

If the results are not specific enough there will be many filters proposed to help you.

Import from a spreadsheet

You can copy and paste directly from a spreadsheet or upload a comma separate variable (csv) file. See the example text for a summary of understood columns

Shop for distributors

We pull the inventory and prices from over 100 distributors then provide them to you in a single table. We even do cost analysis on them all to predict the lowest out the door cost for you. To view all this information after you have added parts to your BOM, just click the "Cost Analysis" button.

The Parts Bin

The Parts Bin is for parts you might use at some time, but aren't in your BOM. It is a convenient place to keep parts you have a chance of using later. You can directly put parts into your Parts Bin or it acts like a recycle bin for deleted parts from your BOM.

Clear as mud?

If you have more questions, let us know so we can improve our directions.